Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is Better!

RCV empowers voters, saves taxpayer dollars, increases candidate diversity, and ensures winners have broad community support.

Better Participation

● All candidates are on one ballot in November, when voter turnout is higher and more diverse. (RCV eliminates the costly, low-turnout primaries for mayor and city council.)

● Voters have more choice on election day. Voters can choose their favorite candidates without worrying about wasting their votes.

● Candidates engage more voters throughout the election.

Better Campaigns

● Encourages candidates to reach beyond their base and appeal to a broader group of voters to win.

● Fosters more civil campaigns based on issues important to voters.

● Reduces the influence of money and special interests in campaigns.

Better Representation

● Ensures winners have broad support of the most voters.

● Expands opportunity for representation from underrepresented communities.

● Elected representatives are more likely to understand the needs of their constituents.


“Ranked Choice Voting has been tested across the country and Maine just sent their first member to Congress using this system. It’s time we start investing in and expanding Ranked Choice Voting.”

- Dean Phillips, U.S. Representative


“I’ve long been a supporter of ranked choice voting because it provides an incentive for politicians to reach out beyond their narrow political ‘base’ of voters for support and discourages negative campaigning. With RCV, the winners are more likely to be the kind of pragmatic and non-ideological politicians who are willing to reach out across the aisle to forge a consensus around practical solutions to important problems.”

Steve Elkins, MN House of Representatives


"I am excited to support Ranked Choice Voting for Bloomington because it is a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective election process that allows voters to make a single trip to the polls with confidence that their votes matter and their voices are heard."

- Sharon Billings, Bloomington Resident for 50 years


Help us bring RCV to Bloomington.

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